Stephan Schöpe was born on December 8th near Cologne and grew up surrounded by music. At the age of eight he started playing piano. Six years later he began to play the drums, which always tempted him more. After a short time he found himself on stage with various bands and the desire to turn his hobby into a business grew steadily.

After graduation, he applied at the Conservatorium Maastricht (NL) where he studied jazz & pop. He finished the master’s degree in 2013. In addition to his main teachers Ron van Stratum, Arnoud Gerritse and Wolf Simon, he participated in various workshops and masterclasses by renowned musicians. During his studies, he expanded his range to include numerous percussion instruments. Especially on the cajon he is a much sought player in acoustic constellations. On drums his unique and progressive style of playing became his trademark.

Parallel to his career as a drummer Stephan has been developing his engineering skills. Started with the famous headphone plugged to the mic port technique he gradually build his own studio, which since 2005 is named “Sound Pleasure Studio”. There he is currently recording the debut album of his band Pinski with well known producer Fabio Trentini.
Over the last years, Stephan has performed in various bands and projects covering styles such as jazz, metal, rock, pop, reggae, theater & musical or house. He also is a regular guest on the Agora and Acoustic-Stage at Musikmesse Frankfurt. Among others Stephan mainly is to be heard with:

Pinski, Jephly und Ter’Azur

Stephan endorses:

Ahead Armor Cases
Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals
Porter & Davies Tactile Monitoring
Los Cabos Drumsticks
Rhines Custom Monitors